Stover Family Tree: Descendants of Christopher and Sarah (Whitefall/Whitesall) Stover with SURNAMES: Bogard, Clabaugh, Bogart, Chaffee, Corfman, Denman

Stover Family Tree 1772 - Present

I'm looking for more information on our Virginia and Ohio Stovers. Christopher and Sarah (Whitefall) Stover had 3 children in Virginia, Henry b.1800, Daniel b.1803, Ashford b.1805. Christopher then served in the War of 1812 for 3 months, enlisting in Ohio. Sarah and Christopher had 3 more children after the war: Mary Ann b.1816, Jacob b.1817, Catherine b.1818.

Descendants in: Ohio, Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Indiana, Arkansas

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I have more information available and am interested in sharing.

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