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Cloud accelerated web engine for wicked fast page rendering
Our browser engine, which renders HTML documents and resources into a visual webpage, is executed on Puffin's cloud servers, away from your mobile devices. The cloud servers can process HTML documents many times faster than your existing devices.
Cloud accelerated JavaScript engine for wicked fast Web Applications
Our JavaScript engine has been optimized for Puffin's cloud server framework. It can execute JavaScript code several times faster and handle DOM events, HTML5 video, and other functions much more efficiently than your existing devices.
Cloud based Flash engine to display Flash content safe and fast
Directly accessing Adobe Flash content is unsafe as it may perform unintended and even harmful operations on your device. Puffin shifts Flash content to our cloud, blocking all dangerous activities, encoding the screen into a pure video, and pushing it back to your local Puffin app for viewing.
Cloud isolated sandbox to protect your device from malicious websites
Our cloud server creates an isolated sandbox for each of its connected sessions. This one-time sandbox is used to process web pages and other resources – including any malware code – far away from your device. The sandbox and all in-memory resources will be discarded at the end of the connected session.
Fully encrypted network traffic to provide secure browsing over public WiFi
Both Puffin's server and Puffin's app enforce end-to-end encryption for its connections, and Puffin delivers all messages in its proprietary protocol. It’s extremely difficult for hackers to sniff your real content. The server will automatically terminate its connections with its app if it detects the data package has been manipulated by 3rd party.
Data compression for wicked fast page load speeds
By leveraging our intelligent algorithm, Puffin can save up to 90% of your bandwidth during regular web browsing. By transmitting less data, Puffin can also increase its page loading speed.
HTML 5 support
Puffin supports the latest HTML 5 standard and receives one of highest scores on HTML5 tests. We continue to update Puffin's rendering engine for better user experience, performance and security.
Image compression for even more data savings on mobile network
Having a limited data plan won’t be a problem anymore if you are using Puffin. Puffin mobile browser can automatically compress large image files without significantly reducing image quality when you're on your cellular network.
Download-to-cloud: Download files from website to cloud storage directly.
People usually want to save files from the Internet to their cloud storage. They must save those files to their mobile devices, and then upload them to their cloud storage. It’s tedious. Puffin Browser allows you to download files from the Internet directly to your cloud storage without passing through your device. This saves you mobile bandwidth and makes your life easier.
Theater mode to display Flash videos and games fullscreen
Want to have the full experience while playing Flash games or watching Flash videos? No problem. By turning on Puffin’s Theater mode from menu, you can enjoy Flash content in full screen. Have more fun with Puffin.
Desktop browser mode to use desktop website on mobile device
People sometimes find it difficult to use a website designed for PC desktop on their mobile devices. No problem. Unlike other mobile browsers, Puffin’s desktop mode offers a true PC desktop experience on your mobile devices and even provides smart virtual mouse pointer for better navigation.
Smart pointer to simulate mouse on mobile device
A physical mouse is a good tool to interact with desktop-oriented websites. What if you are using a mobile device? No worries. Puffin offers you an ingenious tool, the Smart pointer. It acts like a real mouse, and it is super easy to use. It detects your finger movement and moves the mouse pointer to the correct place.
Virtual trackpad and gamepad for best web game experience
Puffin has built-in gamepad & virtual trackpad features designed specifically for game players. The gamepad can emulate keyboard inputs perfectly, and the player can setup his/her custom gamepad configuration. A virtual trackpad can be turned on from the menu, and it can be used to control the mouse and click events on web. Both Puffin trackpad and gamepad work like a charm.
Incognito tab: Auto-clean your browsing activities in the app
Incognito browsing automatically removes your browsing data, such as history, cookies and login credentials, when you leave the current session or terminate the app.
Color theme for toolbar and sidebar
Have a personal style for your browser. Puffin offers a set of color theme for the toolbar and sidebar.
Cloud based Ad Blocker
Puffin Ad blocker intercepts Ads activities from the cloud before they reaches your devices. Puffin Ad blocker is constantly learning, constantly adapting, and constantly protecting.
Puffin Academy Portal for access to a wide variety of educational content
Puffin Academy app is a special version of Puffin designed for education. It only whitelists K-12 education websites and supports Flash content. For more information, please visit here.
Authorized K-12 education websites
Each school or school district can apply for a publisher account on the Puffin Academy Portal. The school can then publish its own web apps on the Portal. Adding sites to Puffin Academy’s system requires some IT background. Please recommend your school or district's IT (or ICT) person sign up for a publisher account via here.
One-time purchase for cloud accelerated service
Puffin Pro is the professional version of Puffin browser, and it comes with full features. It’s a one-time only paid app.
Free with Ads
Puffin Web Browser is provided free to everyone, and it may show display/interactive/video ads to users.
Free without any Ads
Puffin Academy is our nonprofit project for educators and schools, and we are willing to subsidize this project at our own expense. It is our goal to help children succeed in studies, and over 10 million students have benefited from the project.