Puffin Cloud Store

The platform to bridge the digital divide and connect the next billion users.

Wicked fast, secure, and requires almost no extra storage.
The Cloud App is a web browser shortcut to an authoritative website pinned on the home screen. Like a web app, except it runs on the cloud instead of within your phone.
With Puffin Cloud Avatar technology, every cloud app you add to your phone is like an app, but in supercharged form.
You can now enjoy millions of cloud apps from the Puffin Cloud Store.

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The Cloud App is a Super App


Only 100KB in size, and takes under a second to download onto your phone.


With Cloud Apps, budget phones now operate at wicked speeds comparable to flagships.

Data Savings

Puffin Cloud Apps helps users save an average of 75% of mobile data (excluding video streaming and game content).

How to Use Puffin Cloud Apps

In Just 3 Simple Steps

Get your website listed via the Puffin Cloud Store Console!

The Puffin Cloud Store Console helps publishers convert their websites into Cloud Apps.
You can publish your sites onto the Cloud Store and grow your business from there.
Benefits include, but not limited to: Engagement with users of Android devices, revenue generation, and much more.

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