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With Puffin Cloud Isolation

Flash Is Forever!

People say that Flash games are not safe. Browsers cannot run Flash games beyond 2020. They were right till we make the impossible possible.

With Puffin, people around the world can play Flash games safely on their browsers. No need to install any software, any browser extensions. No additional settings are required. Just visit the Puffin Flash Store on your browser, and it simply works.

Puffin Flash Store provides the cloud content rendering for game publishers

  • Marketplace for Flash games
  • Cloud content rendering enabled
  • Free to join before the end of 2020

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Powered by Puffin Cloud Isolation

Puffin executes browser sessions and renders Flash contents in the cloud. With high-end CPUs, abundant memories, and a super-fast Internet connection, the cloud can render web pages in a split-second.

With the Puffin Cloud Isolation, we put the massive power of the cloud at the fingertips of the consumers. Puffin makes a quantum leap in web browser performance.

How Puffin Flash Store Works

How Puffin Flash Store Works
* https://flash.puffin.com/https://www.your-flash-content.com redirects users to view Flash content on Puffin's remote browser engine in the cloud.

In short, when users go to your website, they are viewing your Flash content that are rendered on Puffin's cloud servers. Then, we make it work on user's Chrome browser which no longer supports Flash.

The only thing you need to change

Zero-Footprint + Cloud-Isolation

The only thing you need to change

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The Puffin Flash Store is designed for Flash game developers. Flash games can now run on Chrome/Edge browser indirectly through Puffin without Chrome supporting Flash.

Puffin Flash Store ensures Flash content providers that Flash can survive beyond 2020 with the help of "Puffin Cloud Isolation". Puffin Flash Store is a "Zero Footprint" solution that does not require any client-side app nor web-browser extensions.

In a nutshell, your users will be able to keep playing their favorite Flash games on their Chrome browser even it's no longer supporting Flash. Your Flash Games business will sustain along with Puffin!

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