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With Puffin’s cloud services, Puffin OS phones can be one-third in price, three-fold in speed, and 80% in data savings. Puffin OS makes great smartphones accessible to anyone on any budget.

Puffin OS Helps Carriers Save Money from Data Savings

This paves the way for carriers to offer customers low-cost high- performance Puffin OS phones free of charge at current monthly service fees or affordable Puffin OS phones at nominal monthly service fees. The overwhelming value of the Puffin OS is crucial for carriers to acquire the next billion smartphone users who are waiting for super affordable and wicked fast smartphones.

Facebook (Lower is better)

Yahoo News (Lower is better)

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Puffin is Wicked Fast

Comparing speed benchmarks of Puffin and Chrome on the Samsung S8 and J3 showcases the magic of the Puffin Cloud Engine. Puffin is 300% faster than Chrome on the S8 and 1,000% on the J3. Furthermore, Puffin on the $150 budget J3 is 300% faster than Chrome on the $750 flagship S8.

S8 (Higher is better)


J3 (Higher is better)


Puffin OS Comparison Chart

Kai OS Puffin OS Android GO Android OS
BOM (cost) $15-$20 $20-$30 $30-50 $100-$300
CPU Dual-core CPU 1.1 GHz Dual-core CPU 1.3 GHz Quad-core CPU 1.3 GHz Octa-core CPU 2.0+ GHz
RAM 512MB 512MB-1GB 1GB-2GB 4GB-8GB
Flash 4GB 4GB-8GB 8GB-16GB 64GB-256GB
Display 2.5” (non-touch) 4”-4.5” 4.5”-5” 5.5”-6.5”
Android App No Yes Yes Yes
Play Store No No Yes Yes (mostly)
Web Browser Firefox Puffin Chrome Chrome
App Strategy Proprietary Web App Lite Native App Native App
Carrier Partner Yes Yes No No

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