Puffin Cloud Learning - Turning a tiny Raspberry Pi into a high-end PC
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Puffin Cloud Learning

Turning a Raspberry Pi into a high-end PC

Puffin recently expanded its reach from mobile apps to Cloud Learning. Due to shelter-in-place lockdown in the US, there is a clear-and-present need for schools to provide stay-at- home education. Puffin Cloud Learning enables K-12 schools to provide low-cost and high-performance devices to students for remote learning. Furthermore, Puffin Cloud Learning is designed to deploy quickly on large scales, and there is virtually no load to the IT staff.

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4

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What is Puffin Cloud Learning?

Puffin Cloud Learning is based on the super-affordable $35 Raspberry Pi. For schools that only need 1 computer for every 10 students, there are plenty of more expensive choices. Due to shelter-in-place lockdown, the need increases 10 folds overnight to 1 computer for every 1 student. Raspberry Pi seems to be the best, if not the only, financially viable solution for many schools. For the cost of a $350 PC, the school can have 10 bare-bone Raspberry Pi. For the cost of a $1,000 Mac, the school can have 10 fully-loaded Raspberry Pi. For stay-at- home students and parents, Raspberry Pi can turn a family room TV into a remote-learning computer to alleviate the shortage of computers.

The Raspberry Pi comes to the rescue

Schools can afford to give each student a $35 Raspberry Pi. The government can provide funding for schools in need since Raspberry Pi is so inexpensive. After the outbreak, schools can keep using them, or donating them to developing countries to bridge the digital divide across countries.

The $35 cost is for the bare-bone computer. With peripherals, the system cost is about $60 to $80. It can turn a family room TV into a desktop computer. It has limitations, but it is probably the only financially viable solution for tens of millions of students during the COVID-19 crisis. The opportunity cost of doing nothing is much more.

Best Price-Performance ratio

Puffin Cloud Learning is 300% faster than Chrome OS devices costing 300% more – it is an order of magnitude better in price-performance. Puffin on the $35 Raspberry Pi is even faster than Chrome on the $1,000 Google Pixelbook. Browser benchmarks suggest Puffin is 1,200% faster than Chrome on Raspberry Pi. This super low-cost and high-performance technology is simply unheard-of on other platforms like Chrome OS and Windows.

Apple JetStream 1.1 (Higher is better)

Puffin Cloud Learning
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Google Octane 2.0 (Higher is better)

Puffin Cloud Learning
Chrome on HP Pavilion DM3
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