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Educators, share your experience and win 2 free years of unlimited device numbers and 30 Raspberry Pi devices.

May 6, 2019 ~ June 7, 2019

Puffin on Raspberry Pi has been released for several months. The time has come to unleash your tremendous powers as educators. You always amaze us with your creativity in presenting course materials and interacting with students using Puffin. We are continuously in awe of how talented and passionate this community is.

With that, CloudMosa invites you to join a creative contest to show us how you are using Puffin on Raspberry Pi in the classroom.

What was it like before Puffin on Raspberry Pi was adopted at your school? What problems has the Raspberry Pi solved after it was introduced in the classroom? What features have you used in your teaching so far? What possibilities can the Raspberry Pi offer in education in the future? How can you help other educators ‘get’ the unlimited potential of Puffin on Raspberry Pi?

We will be accepting your submissions until June 7, 2019. The winners will receive 2 free years of Puffin on Raspberry Pi with unlimited device numbers and 30 Raspberry Pi devices.

We look forward to hearing your success stories and hope to be able to share some of the winning work with other schools and the Raspberry Pi community.

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