An all-in-one suite that brings you the best experience of Puffin, compatible with various platforms.

What is Puffin 365?

Puffin 365 is a subscription-based service featuring our most popular apps. With Puffin 365, users can enjoy Puffin’s various offerings with cross-platform capabilities. No ads and no daily quota!


Puffin Secure Browser

Surf the web without the worry of Zero-Day vulnerabilities.

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Platforms: Windows, macOS

Puffin Cloud Isolation

Protects users from cyber exploits on top of existing Chrome and Edge Browsers.

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Available for desktop on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


Puffin Cloud Browser

The Wicked Fast Browser for your mobile phone.

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Platform: Android

Puffin Cloud Store

Enjoy countless cloud apps available from the Puffin Cloud Store.

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Platform: Android

Smart TV

Puffin TV Browser

Watch videos, surf the Internet, listen to music, and much more on your TV!

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Platform: Android TV

Advantages of Puffin 365

Available on Multiple Platforms

From your desktop at home to mobile devices on the go, take Puffin wherever life leads you.

No Daily Usage Limit

Finally, no more restrictions and waiting for the clock to reset.

No More Ads

A smoother and uninterrupted viewing experience.

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Puffin 365 is an all-in-one suite that brings you the best experience of Puffin, compatible with various platforms.



or $20/Year
3 Activated Apps 1 User Subscribe


or $50/Year
10 Activated Apps 1 User Subscribe


or $50/Year
5 Activated Apps per User 5+ Users Subscribe


or $10/Year
Activated Apps = Users 20+ Users Subscribe



Best fit with many more features for large organizations.

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Number of Activated Apps (Mobile & Desktop) 3 10 5 per User Equal to Number of Users -
Number of Users 1 1 5+ Users 20+ Users -
Unlimited Browsing Time Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
For All Puffin Products Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unrestricted Performance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Low-Load Servers Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Isolation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Download to Local & Cloud Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web-based Admin Console - - Yes Yes Yes
User Access Control
(Allow/Block Lists)
- - Yes Yes Yes
Usage Log - - Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Features for Security Products (Puffin Secure Browser & Puffin Cloud Isolation)
Document Previewing Yes (PDF Only) Yes (PDF Only) Yes (PDF Only) Yes (PDF Only) Yes
Virus Scanning for Downloaded Files - - - - Yes
Enable/Disable File Downloading - - - - Yes
Enable/Disable File Uploading - - - - Yes
Enable/Disable Clipboard - - - - Yes
Web Filtering - - - Yes Yes
Force Certificate Verification - - - - Yes

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What Our Users Say

1B pages are served via Puffin every day.

Always been reliable and easy to use. Any update that pops up is either actually helpful or can be toggled with their settings (unlike Chrome). A must have if you are tired of other browsers mixing it up every update.

Ike Kawon


It's one of the most tremendous browsers I have ever seen yet. Because it's a very user-friendly application as compared to other browsers, moreover, it has a mouse and keyboard or something like that to browse very well. On the other hand, we can access any website without delay as soon as possible.having said that, sometimes it stuck and take a few minutes to correct.

Daniel Richardson Mazinoria


Thank you so much for developing Puffin. This is the best browser I've ever used. Updates are provided from time to time. Bugs seem to always be checked and fixed right away. Issues are rare. Lastly, the developer(s) are very responsive. They care about the app and the users.



Everything the description promises. The built in ad blocker and pop-up blocker do a wonderful job and the speed is incredible. I always choose to open links using this app instead of the internal browsers of other apps because it is that much smoother and faster. Definitely worth the money.

Zach French


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