Enterprise browser to restrict cyber risks, without restricting users

Advanced secure browser solution against cyber threats. Straightforward deployment for maximized workforce integration and minimal IT overhead.

92% Malware attacks are through browsers.

Why are browsers important for your enterprise security plan?

  • A web browser is an essential tool for enterprises, serving as a portal for employees to execute various SaaS tasks.
  • In recent years, 92% infected of organizations have been hit with malware through browser access.
  • Current solutions on the market result in decreased productivity due to complicated restrictions and allow lists systems.
  • Finding a balance between sufficient protection with efficient workflow is needed.

Introducing Enterprise Security Solution

A secure, superior browsing experience for businesses to effectively manage a distributed workforce in today's work environment.

Cloud Avatar Technology

Protect endpoints with CloudMosa's Cloud Avatar technology. With a multi-layered browser architecture built on the basis of Zero-Trust, malicious webpage HTML/CSS/JS is fully isolated within the cloud.

Browse without limits

Enterprise users can go about their usual tasks at work, home, or elsewhere without special adjustments to their browser or apps. Browse freely without sacrificing security.

Easy Deployment and Management

Reduce time and effort required in configurations for public or private cloud systems. Seamlessly integrate with existing security infrastructures for maximized operational efficiency.

Continuously updated anti-malware protection

Keep up with ever-adapting web threats and cyber-attacks such as phishing, malware, and any other malicious content.

Delivering a superior end-user experience with zero footprint

End-users can enjoy browsing with extra protection on Chrome and Edge without adjusting browsing behavior or need for installation.

Protect your business from cybersecurity threats

See how CloudMosa can help your IT security strategy align with your business goals. Talk to our experts for a product deep dive.

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Deliver greater efficiency with enhanced browser features.

For Businesses

Novel methods of security framework

Websites are rendered in cloud servers, endpoints have full protection from cyber threats.

Easy setup with cloud or on-premise deployment

Host your remote browser solution-run in a dedicated private cloud or on-premise with rapid and flexible deployment.

Flexibility to meet unique requirements for each business

Manage settings with custom policies, set permissions on websites to better protect valuable assets, and adjustable web filtering.

User-friendly management and access control

Supports SAML 2.0 SSO, set permissions for remote access to company intranet services.

For End-Users

Secure browsing anywhere, anytime.

100% isolation from threats thanks to CloudMosa's unique remote browser architecture.

Satisfying user experience with smooth browsing performance

Explore all that the web has to offer with no interferences.

Flash content capable

Our browser is the sole offering on the market with native Flash support.


Protect users from malicious links that can compromise sensitive data and company credentials.

Advance your business with confidence

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How it works

Protect your business with our optimized remote browser architecture.

Track record of proven browser security leadership

1.5 million+

users protected per day

53 million+

web pages rendered per day

20+ petabytes

of data protected per month

Stay safe from cybersecurity threats

See how CloudMosa can help your IT security strategy align with your business goals. Talk to our experts for a product deep dive.

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Use cases

Unlocking the full potential of the browser for today's hybrid-work world through rethinking traditional IT security strategy.


Safeguard remote workforces with CloudMosa's zero-trust approach, providing an additional layer of security against unknown web threats.

Zero-Day Attacks

Protect your business from zero-day exploits and allow IT teams to effectively mitigate browser-based threats.

(Bring Your Own Device)

Safely access business and SaaS applications on personal device endpoints with our remote browser framework anytime, anywhere.

Financial / Insurance

Protects customer credentials and transactional data so that businesses can focus on building engaging relationships with partners and providing stellar customer service for clients.


Allow remote access to internal systems without the need for complex IT network configurations. Protects customer profiles and medical records.


Safeguard company assets and encrypt sensitive business data from threats such as ransomware.

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